Trainer Points is a system put in place to reward exploration. Trainer Points can be earned from finding items, beating trainers, completing sidequests and more. 

Trainer Point Rewards

The Player will get a reward when he or she reaches a certain amount of Trainer Points. Often the player will also be able to choose from 3-4 rewards. Here's the current list of Trainer Point rewards:

Trainer Points Reward
1000 TP 1x Potion
5000 TP 1000$ & 1x Great Ball
10,000 TP 2500$ & 2x Fast Ball/2x Dive Ball/Extra 1000$
20,000 TP 3500$ & 1x Max Potion/2x Max Repel/1x Ultra Ball/Extra 1500$
35,000 TP 5000$ & 2x Ultra Ball/2x Max Potion/2x Moon Ball/TM61 (Will-O-Wisp)
50,000 TP 7000$ & 3x Moon Ball/3x Max Potion/3x Dusk Ball
70,000 TP 8500$ & TM13 (Ice Beam)/2x Full Restore/3x Full Heal
100,000 TP

10000$, Golden Dildo & the Nude "Outfit"

125,000 TP 15000$ & 1x Rare Candy/1x PP Up/2x Iron/2x Carbon
150,000 TP 25000$ & 1x Rare Candy/Extra 8000$/Extra 50 BP
200,000 TP 50000$ & Aurora Ticket

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