The Player
Player Characters
The player characters
Vital statistics
Position Child
Age Unknown
Status Player Character
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
The Player Characters are male and female characters the player controls. The player gets to choose which one to play as in the intro.


There are multiple unlockable outfits in the game that change the player characters' appearances. Here's the list of currently available outfits:

  1. Brendan's/May's Outfit [Available instantly]
  2. Plumber's Outfit [20 Golden Dildos]
  3. Hero's Outfit [40 Golden Dildos]
  4.  ??? ??? [50 Golden Dildos]
  5.  ??? ??? [Beat the main game] (NOT AVAILABLE YET)
  6. Nude "Outfit" [Reach 100 000 Trainer Points]
  7. Old School Outfit [Catch 250 Pokémon and show them to Oak's assistant]
  8.  ??? ???
  9.  ??? ???