Purple as seen in-game
Vital statistics
Position Gym Leader
Age 17
Status Trainer
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Purple is Blaine's son and a friend of The Player. He is first met in Molestic Town's west entrance after Sabrina and James have been defeated. He also plays an important role in the story.


Purple is a young man with ash blonde hair, styled similarly to Gary's, and blue eyes. He's usually seen wearing a purple and white jacket over a black shirt, a pair of blue baggy jeans and blue trainers.

Purple is usually high-spirited and energetic. However, after Dildadon city's events he seems to lose part of that cheerfulness for a while.



Purple is first encountered by The Player in the west entrance of Molestic Town once James has been defeated and Sabrina's badge obtained. He enters rushing, pushing away the person that was previously blocking the way. When he sees The Player, he briefly talks with them, but excuses himself from a fight saying he's just won against Gary and has to heal his Pokemon.

Being Blaine's son, Purple has lived for a long time in Dildadon City and knows its citizens on a personal level, as can be seen after the Condominium accident.

Gym battle

Purple is the seventh gym leader and has to be battled in Chroma Lighthouse due to the temporal closure of Dildadon's gym.

Battle Location Pokémon
Chroma Lighthouse Growlithe, Ponyta, Rapidash & "Orgynine" the Arcanine