Pokémon: Uncensored Edition Changelog

Beta 0.3.3: The Stablest!

+ Added a new fancy title screen, thanks to Luka S.J. :D

• Squashed the Poké Center bug FOR GOOD! If you have it, all Poké Centers will continue to function like normal again!

• Kaise Cones don't crash the game anymore

• Other small fixes

Beta 0.3.2b: Even Stabler!

+ Added an NPC who gives out a free Heart Scale every day to a route

• The Pokémon Center bug is probably fixed now! If you're have the bug, you must start a new game.

• Other very minor fixes

Beta 0.3.2: Almost Stable!

• Hopefully fixed the Pokémon Center bug

• Tweaked the Seamoan Islands Cave

• Made some grunts faster in the Heroin Base

• Changed the Chroma Cave's Helix Fossil to an Old Amber

• Fixed the fossil lab scientist not letting you revive more than one fossil

• Major fixes and improvements from the latest engine version, v15.1

• Minor fixes

Beta 0.3.1b: The Essential Day Two Bugfix Patch

• Correct items have now been set as Trainer Point prizes.

• Other minor fixes

Beta 0.3.1: The Essential Day One Bugfix Patch

• Defeating Purple no longer freezes the game.

Beta 0.3: The Massive Story Update [MAJOR Update]

A massive amount of improvements have been added, thanks to

the new Essentials versions (v14 & v15). They have been marked.

+ Last 2 gyms of the Runko league added

+ Added 7 new routes and 12 new locations to Runko

+ Added a new region, Runkku Islands with two cities/towns and one route.

+ Story! A serious one! For real!

+ Added unlockable outfits! (thanks to Valtteri!)

+ Added obtainable ribbons

+ Added a few more Golden Dildos

+ Two new gym leader rematches available at 25 and 30 GDs

+ Rock Smash is now available

+ Poké Radar is now available

+ Added Day Care to Runko. That means you can now breed Pokémon!

+ Safari Zone has been added to Runko, with 3 possible safari games, each with their own Pokémon.

+ Game Corner has been added to Runko, with 3 games and lots of prizes!

+ Added five Battle Houses, each with their own trainers and prizes.

+ Added more easter eggs

+ A legendary is available for 0.3 players only!

+ A new, better berry system [v15]

+ More weather effects on maps [and also more detailed, thanks to v15]

+ A regional Pokédex for both regions 


+ Added VS bar animation for rival battles 

+ More battle animations and fixes to them [v14 and v15]

+ Added three new message box options from the Gen 3 games (R/S/E and FR/LG)

+ Added a new info box option from D/P

• TMs can now be used unlimited times

• Improved battle AI [v14 and v15]

• Improved EXP gain from gen V and VI games

• Fishing is now easier [v15]

• Fixed lots of abilites and some items [v14 and v15]

• The old man who gives the player Cut in Fucksia Woods now has a house

• Mystery Gift now has music

• Added a ton more berries to routes

• Balanced trainers and gave Gym Leaders regular Potions and Super Potions

• Improved main menu [v14]

• Improved player and NPC movement [v14]

• Tweaked Pokémon data [v14]

• Sped up text speed, screen transitions and more [v14]

• Optimised loading of various sprites, icons, bitmaps and also improved FPS in Pokédex [v14]

• Additions and tweaks to the battle scene [v14 and v15]

• Added a theme song for Gary

• Decreased the volumes of most music tracks

• Error messages in battle can appear if there's a problem with a move [v15]

• Fixed visual errors, crashes and freezes [v14 and v15]

• And many other bugfixes and small additions [dammit, just head over to the wiki: ]

MASSIVE THANKS to the Pokémon Essential dev(s) (Maruno and other contributors)!

Beta 0.2.3: Contest Patch [Minor Patch]

+ A new intro! Check it out! (Still a bit WIP, give me criticism)

+ Natural Park has been added and is located on Route 7 

 + Bug-Catching Contest!

+ Improved ribbon menu (ribbons will be introduced in the future)

+ New sweet logo (just a change of font but its better right?)

+ Reaching 70,000 Trainer Points now gives you rewards

• Fixed broken hidden item on Route 7

• Surf on land should now be mostly fixed (report locations where it can be triggered thx!)

• Entering Seamoan Islands Cave doesn't break the game anymore

• Added a few more hidden items

• When reaching 50,000 TP, choosing Cocaine will not crash the game. Instead, you can't choose it. (The option will become available in 0.3)

• Cut is now required for two Golden Dildos

• Minor bugfixes and tweaks

 This is most likely the last update before 0.3 unless a major crash is found.

 (If there is a bug it will most likely be in the Natural Park)

Beta 0.2.2: Evolve Some More patch [Major Patch]

+ Pokémon that evolve through trading now evolve when leveling up or holding an item

+ Instead of classic name input screen, you can now write with your keyboard

 + If you dislike writing with your keyboard, you can switch to Classic from the options

+ Added a new Update Check method (checks for updates upon startup)

+ Added some stuff to do in A.S.S Anne (so I can call this a content patch, woo!)

+ Added lots of hidden items!

+ Added two small secrets :)

• You can now view the amount of Golden Dildos you've collected in the Trainer Card!

 • The amount of Golden Dildos found can also been seen in the save window.

• Fixed the crash that prevented players from rematching Lt. Surge

• Route 11 now has Pokémon (oops!)

• Swimming on land glitch should now have been fixed

• You can now surf in Cock Tunnel

• Fixed the A.S.S Anne easter egg and made it better

• Modified the Falonia City easter egg so you can't save after triggering it

• The Seamoan Islands easter egg should now work correctly

• Increased levels of some trainers' Pokémon

• Fixed minor issues

• Minor additions

• Corrected lots of typos

Beta 0.2.1 [Minor Patch]

• Minor additions and stuff

• Fixed some bugs

   • Gary (when fought on Route 6) now uses the correct Pokémon

   • The easter egg in Falonia City doesn't throw you to the title screen anymore

   • Plus some very small bugfixes

Beta 0.2: The Runko Expansion Update [Major Update]

+ Added 3 new cities/towns (that means 3 more gyms) and a few points of interest such as Seamoan Islands

+ Added Team Heroin, the criminal organization

+ Added Running Shoes

+ Added Itemfinder & hidden items

+ Added hidden Golden Dildos (they appear after defeating Erika)

+ You can now rematch gym leaders once certain amounts of Golden Dildos are reached

+ Added support for outfits (they will be available later)

+ Added a few sidequests

+ Added more easter eggs

+ Added Mystery Gift

• Fixed the disappearing bridge bug on Route 3

• Fixed a bug where you could get stuck between a trainer and a wall on Route 3

• Key binding should now work perfectly

• Replaced some of the Pokémon sprites with better ones

• Gym leaders have Hyper Potions instead of Full Restores and their amount has been reduced

• Brock and Misty are now a bit harder, Savordez is now much harder and his Pedobear has been changed to a Pedocub

• You will no longer lose any money if defeated by Brendan, May, Savordez or any gym leaders (rematches only)

• Increased the levels of wild Pokémon

• Idiot and Asshole are now much tougher

• Idiot's, Asshole's, Pedocub's and Pedobear's type has been changed to ???.

• Corrected some typos

• Minor additions and changes

• Minor bugfixes

Beta 0.1.3 [Minor Patch]

• You can now edit the controls from the options menu.

• You can now press Enter. WHOA.

• Also a few minor bugfixes.

Beta 0.1.2 [Minor Patch]

+ You can now change the controls. You can access it from the pause menu.

+ You can now watch the credits after defeating the developer.

• Fixed a bug where Gary would keep fighting you (hopefully)

• Fixed minor bugs.

Beta 0.1 [Initial Beta Release]

The first beta release! Features three gyms, Fucksia Woods, Cock Tunnel and a few routes.